Sep 17 2007

Another Couple For My Readers To Answer…

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Does any know what causes (Windows) programs to maximise their windows off centre. That is to say instead of a newly-maximised window taking up all available desktop space, apart from the taskbar at the bottom, it leaves some space (at the top and left in my case), and the bottom of this window is actually not visible. Sometimes simply restoring it to a non-maximised state, and then re-maxmising fixes the issue, other times it refuses to work at all.
I have a nVidia 7900GT graphics card, with the 162.18 ForceWare drivers. This behaviour occurs whether or not I have both the monitor and the TV configured to be used, or just use the monitor in isolation. I am going to try and see if there is a more recent driver to download, but in the mean time if anyone has an insight into this issue, please do leave a comment.

Secondly, with reference to Windows Updates – does anyone know which file the downloaded updates are stored in? I want to be able to transfer downloaded updates to another installation or different PC. I am hoping when I then connect to Windows Update, and the system discovers which updates are needed, that rather than downloading them all, it will assume I previously chose to download but not install them, and thereby save a lot of time (and in my case monthly bandwidth allowance). Anyone happen to know the answer?

Last minute addition… I knew there was another – my Winamp default keyboard shortcuts no longer work. To clarify, I am used to bringing up Winamp, pressing ‘C’, and having the music pause. The strange thing is that this behaviour stopped occurring without any updates or plugins being installed. I thought I had the solution when I enabled global hotkeys and simply added ‘C’ as a shortcut to Pause. That worked great.
Until I typed out aCtually in a program. At which point Winamp faithfully paused the music. D’oh. That’ll be Global hotkeys then. I checked the normal shortcuts had not been changed without me noticing by Nullsoft/AOL, but all looks well there – anyone have any insight into this?

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