Aug 10 2009

Anniversary Meal And Heath Robinson Wiring

10th August. I’m sure on the date for this Anna’s Photos post, because it was taken on the same day as Irina’s and my anniversary. We returned to the Astana Park Hotel outdoor restaurant, and I discovered their pizzas were lovely, definitely better value for money than the sashlique I’d tried previously.
Anna was once again very well behaved, and the gazebos offer enough privacy that Anna had a meal with us at the same time 🙂 No photos of that…
However, also in this post are some photos of the Kazakh-style wiring we found at the entrance to Astana Park. I had originally thought that the structure was permanent, and thought that supply of mains electricity jerry rigged from the nearest lamp post was utterly laughable. However, the piece has now been removed (installed for Astana Day/the international conference for religious tolerance), so the wiring was only ever supposed to be temporary. Worthy of a giggle then, but not a full blown guffaw. The structure was a combination of a traditional drink vessel found in Kazakhstan, and the ventilation area at the top of a yurt.

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