Apr 27 2010

Anna’s Birthday Car

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 5:44 pm

This is another toy that the authorities held onto for a while before allowing the parcel to eventually arrive (after a large amount of fees were paid). The push along car extends so you can place a seat on it, and since her birthday, not only has her walking improved (perhaps a coincidence, but in any case she can now control the car well), but she is able to get on and off it (when the seat is put in place), without our help, and normally she even ends up facing the right way!
She hasn’t yet started pushing herself along when sat in it, and doesn’t seem to want to raise her feet from the ground to allow us to push her, but in any case, most mornings she can be found ramming sofas, walls or any slow moving cats with glee. (The glee is hers, our cats have tended to jump out the way a lot more quickly now.)

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