Feb 22 2011

Anna’s Birthday

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:03 pm

Yesterday Anna turned two years old, and we spent the evening at home. Throughout the day the normal rules were relaxed somewhat, meaning her DVDs were pretty much on constant rotation, her hedgehog cake was consumed in large quantities and a couple of Kinder chocolate bars were wolfed down. As Anna hasn’t yet detected a pattern in these events, we were able to open the presents in a leisurely manner, with half of them de-papered at lunchtime when Irina came home for a meal, and the other half once Irina had finished work. Anna obviously still remembered the gift unwrapping process from Christmas, as once she had opened her first present, she then proceeded to automatically hand our the other prezzies to Irina and me. Once we explained that they were ALL for her, but thank you for thinking, she got down to the serious business of finding each wrapper’s weak point. Overall she seemed to enjoy the day – I’ll try to find the photos later. Also, I’m aware that this site is seriously behind in Anna’s pictures, I need to write a few work-related posts and still have a few Rémi videos that I want to embed. Once those have been cleared down from my browser’s open tabs, I’ll get on the case.