Nov 01 2009

Anna Update – Early November

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So, with more pictures of Anna coming in the week, how is her progress right now?

Last week she managed to co-ordinate crawling forward. She has obviously been happy crawling backwards for months, but until now never seemed particularly bothered about moving head first. Rolling from tummy to back to tummy again, combined with backwards crawling had got her everywhere she wanted to go, but now (especially with a remote control on the floor as the motivation) she’ll often choose crawling normally instead.

Food and drink – most purée flavours have been tried, as well as creating our own from the fruit and vegetables stored from the in-laws’ garden. To be honest, Anna is only really interested in the purée if it is sweet – she’ll eat other types, but if there is a high fruit content, Anna will be found with her mouth open, asking for more straight away! We are trying to make sure the store-bought ones don’t have any added salt or sugar, which can take a while with having to read all the ingredients. (Anyone who knows my cooking/Russian reading skills we’ll realise the ‘we’ part is in fact Irina.)

Although still wearing nappies and pull-up-training pants, Anna is now happy using the potty, although being only 8 months old, we’re not at all worried when she does just let go in her nappy, as opposed to waiting for the potty. Without going into too much detail, you can definitely now tell she is eating solid food!

In the coming weeks, Anna is going to be trying out both yoga (for mothers and babies), and swimming (with an instructor) which should be interesting. I’ve got about 10 Anna photos to post, and then I need to finally crack out the firewire cable and put the (very limited amount of) video on the camcorder onto YouTube and this blog. I think it may just be a few minutes from around the time when Anna was born, back in Britain.

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