Mar 26 2009

Anna Is Not Confused

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This day (26th March) was quite a landmark for everyone around in Clydach at the time – Anna took her first ever bottle feed. Although Irina is still breastfeeding Anna, we wanted to make sure that if Irina ever had to go somewhere for a few hours without Anna, that feeding would not be a problem. Having expressed enough milk in advance, we put her in her favourite chair, introduced the bottle’s teat to Anna’s mouth, and that was all that was needed – she immediately sucked (suckled?) well, and finished the bottle in one sitting. Afterwards, she showed no sign of confusion about going back to the breast. Hopefully we’ll not need to actually use the bottle until she is weaned off the breast, but it is very reassuring to know that it shouldn’t be a problem if the need arises.

Anna Taking Her First Bottle Feed From Chris

Anna Taking Her First Bottle Feed From Chris

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