Feb 27 2009

Anna Christina Merriman Photos – Last Batch For Today

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Today we went to Swansea’s County Hall/Civic Centre, to see the Registrar and officially registered the birth of Anna Christina Merriman. Her middle name is a suitable mixture of Christopher and Irina, which is close to what her patrynomic name would be in Russian. Hopefully the Kazakh red tape guardians will accept this as a suitable choice, and won’t complain.

These photos were all taken around the time Mum showed Ira and I the best approach to bathing little Anna, and we’ve since done this solo without any major mishaps. Irina was a little apprehensive about full on bathing (as opposed to topping and tailing) and safety, so I explained that if the bath shifts around, or looks likely to shoot off the surface its laid on, hold the baby, and forget about trying to stop the bath from falling – as long as Anna is safe and secure, no is going to give a damn about a little spilt water. A case of not throwing the baby out with the bath water 🙂




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