May 14 2007

Anansi Boys

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Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman

Following on from two other reviews of Neil Gaiman’s books (Stardust and American Gods), we have another trip in the fantasy worlds in the authors mind.

More similar to American Gods than Stardust, this book’s God universe focuses on African deities this time, although the ‘real-life’ backdrop is equally as compelling in this novel. We start off with a ‘normal’ man in London, part of the corporate back-stabbing world, and not highly enjoying it. However, he is to be married soon, and so things could be worse. Deciding to invite his father (with a little prodding from his fiancée) who he hasn’t spoken to in years, he attempts to make contact. Sadly his dad has died, and so he drops everything to fly to America to see to the required arrangements. Strange tales are abound over his family’s history, and he is shocked to be told he has a brother!

There seems to be some confusion over the relationship between this book and American Gods. Although a couple of characters do exist in both novels, they seem more like companions than pre/sequels.

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