Aug 22 2007

Amsterdam Tour – On A Segway!

Category: Amsterdam,VideosChrisM @ 5:22 am

OK, I will try and make this the last of the Amsterdam videos tonight, but this one really did catch me eye…

Yes, for some unfathomable reason, a group of people took their segways§ and went on a tour of Amsterdam, including inside shops! This may be accepted and possible in areas of NYC, but it looks as though shop keepers and security staff in Amsterdam do not feel the same way! Please note there are shots of women in Bikinis, whilst the segwayers are touring the Red Light District, but nothing worse than you will see at the beach.

§ – If you have not come across them before, they are the form of transport that George W Bush managed to fall off. This despite the fact that they are designed to always self right! So what form of acrobatics or G-Force was he pulling to be able to defeat the segway in question? He did not turn it on first. LMAO.
Bush Segway Fall

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