Sep 13 2007

Amsterdam Hotels

Category: AmsterdamChrisM @ 8:18 am

I have been looking at the accommodation available in Amsterdam recently. Although ChrisD, Alex and I already have an apartment booked, I am hoping to save up enough money by my birthday next April to visit the city again with Irina. If Ira is reading this, let me know if any of the hotels listed grab your fancy 🙂
Anyway EasyToBook lists Hotel Atlanta which is on Rembrandtplein, which is just behind where I am staying in a little over a weeks time. With a wide selection of hotels, and a useful guide to most cities, visitors should find all they need within this one site. The guide itself does need a little updating though, as I noticed the section on coffeeshops still refers to alcohol being available, which is no longer the case – coffeeshop laws bought in mean that business owners had to decide whether to serve weed OR alcohol. That said, those that now only serve alcohol will not mind if you bring your own smoking supplies, so no real harm done there. If a Dutch break is not your cup of tea, (or coffee 🙂 ),then perhaps the site’s section on Hotels in Barcelona would be of more interest?
Should you have any questions regarding the process, there is a freephone number listed on the site for both American and British visitors.

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