Aug 18 2007

Amsterdam Forums

Category: Amsterdam,PersonalChrisM @ 3:23 am

Just a quick post this time, I wanted to let you know about two forums I’ve joined, that have a wealth of useful information on Amsterdam.

The first is pretty much focused on those who enjoy a smoke (only in the Netherlands of course!), and want to chat with others about their previous experiences, or help out people who want to research their trip properly. Although you will also find related information, hotels, food etc., the second forum seems to have quite a large volume of info on those topics. The forum is an off shoot of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory, and can be found here. If the address should ever change in the future, you can find your way there from the main site.

The second forum is part of, and covers a wider spectrum of subjects, so if you have a genuine interest in all things Dutch, do make sure you check it out as well. You will find a little more forum politics at this site, with the guest area (you don’t need to register to post here) seeing a lot of action Do Not Feed Trolls .

Just to let you know, this is a personal, non-sponsored post – I have saved many hours using these two forums to get as much info as possible on my trip to Amsterdam, I’ve simply provided these links in the hope that others find them useful.

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