Aug 26 2009

Almost There. Real Time Photos Soon!

Category: Anna's Photos,Anna's VideosChrisM @ 10:04 am

So, given that these photos and video of Anna trying a (mixed fruit?) purée for one of the first times were taken on the 26th of August, I am only just over a week late in posting these. OK, add a few more days as I’ve scheduled this post to go live on September 6th (if I’d published them all in one go, some would have fallen off the front page of this blog straight away), but still, I’ve only one more post after this before I’ve exhausted the ‘To Do’ folder in Anna’s pictures collection sitting on my hard drive. We were sat in the kitchen, watching Anna munch on some real veggies, and decided it was time to try out this form of food, in case we ever needed something quick and easy to server her. She took to the food with no problems, and managed to get the hang of accepting a spoon of food quite quickly. Obviously, just like when she ‘eats’ whole vegetables or fruit, the majority of the food ends up on the high chair or bib, but the idea is to get her used to pushing the food around her mouth in plenty of time before weaning occurs. Enough of the witter, onto the photos and video…

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