Nov 19 2007

Almost Finished Oz

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:07 am

I have recently been watching the TV series ‘Oz’, which was something I really enjoyed watching back in Britain. As I missed some episodes from a few seasons, and the entire last series, I decided to watch it from the beginning. Although there is a lot of on screen violence, sex and drug taking, the show itself is not too sensationalist, and most of the excesses are relevant to the plot, rather than simply thrown in to try and attract certain demographics of the audience. Anyway, I am now onto the last season, after which I just have The Sopranos, 24 and Heroes to start and complete. Just a little light viewing then 🙂 Huuuuge thanks to ChrisD and SteveB back in Britain for helping me out with English TV fixes whilst I am over here in Kazakhstan. Most appreciated. Ha, like the two of you are ever going to get round to reading this post ;-P

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