Dec 14 2009

Almaty River Jumping

Category: Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 4:23 am

Incredible special effects are used in this video from Lucky (this clip is from his original channel, though you should also check out his newer The District of Lucky). Either that, or the man can truly jump across a wide river in a single bound.
Don’t believe me? Watch the video below…

Like the smoking hookahs video, this is shot in the mountains that surround Almaty (the old capital of Kazakhstan), and he even manages to quote the temperature in Celsius, rather than the American (and confusing unless you’re British and a bit older than me) standard of Fahrenheit. The audio could have done with a little treatment (inaudible speech is covered with some subtitles), as the jump from the river noise prior to the jump and little after is jarring. Some might even infer that some jiggery pokery occurred, but I’m certain he’d not try and mislead us?
This time no slabs of beer cooling in a stream, nor barbecues, were involved, but it still interesting to see what the countryside looks like around that area – I’ve never made it outside of the city when we’ve been there in the past.

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