Apr 10 2008

All OK?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:07 pm

OK, after waiting for various backups to download, the upgrade process was started, and apart from the previously mentioned hiccup with Bad Behavior updating, all appears fine so far.
I would appreciate it if any readers could leave a comment should they notice anything looking unusual.
Let me clarify, anything unusual that didn’t look weird BEFORE the upgrade 😉

Re. Random Tagline – the original plugin I had failed following upgrading other blogs to WordPress 2.5, with the pages no longer rendered correctly. Luckily Gino came through with a solution that works. If you have no idea what I mean, press F5, and you’ll notice that the tagline at the top of this page will change. It also changes in the browser window’s title, and does not match up with the one shown on the page, but as there are quite a few I’ve stored, this shouldn’t be a problem, you shouldn’t see any repeats for a while 🙂