Jun 15 2007

Alexa Barrier Broken

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 1:55 am

Just a short post this time… this blog has now entered the realm of the top 400,000 sites in the world.
Well, if you give much weight to an Alexa Rank that is.
Since installing their code, each visitor to this site is registered (once per day), rather than simply relying on visitors already having the Alexa toolbar installed.
So why do I care that much? Simple, several income schemes I use at this blog lend serious credence to any site’s Alexa rank, and, in general, the better my rank, the more money I can potentially earn.
Thanks to my regular visitors, I hope you are happy wading through the ‘interesting’ sponsored posts to find the more personal ones, and to the new visitors that appear to be arriving slowly over time, thank you as well.