May 23 2008

Alex Has A New Hole!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:05 pm

(Photo credit details updated – see my last comment from the 14th October. Thank you Rivjejn basically)

I just spoke with Alex online, and she informed she has a new piercing 🙂
No pictures just yet, but is apparently a lip ring, not one of those chavvy (Marilyn) Monroe studs, thankfully. Her multiple ear rings were part of the inspiration for my own, back when I was at school. Anyway, hopefully the piercer used disposable gloves, and the wound will heal well and quickly.

Lip Piercing – not Alex, just the first semi-decent image I could find online… Anyway, due to the time difference in Australia, Alex is now heading out from work to the traditional Friday BBQ – I hope she enjoys her snags!

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