Nov 19 2007

Alex Confirmed As Safe & Sound In Oz :)

Category: Friends,WordPressChrisM @ 9:33 am

The title pretty much says it all. Although I had seen her on Facebook since her plane had landed, I managed to catch her on Messenger earlier this morning. All appears to be going well, and she intends to add a post to her Dryad Musings blog soon. There was one in the middle of composition, but her net connection died, and I didn’t manage to give her the following piece of advice before it occurred…

For anyone who finds that there internet connections dies after hitting save or publish on their blog, and so they think they have lost the post…
1) Wait until you have got a successful connection to the internet again – DON’T do ANYTHING in the browser window/tab that was being used for your post composition
2) Hit the back button in your browser
3) Hit the forward button in your browser, and when you get a warning re. POST data, click OK
4) Ta Da, data should be magically saved.

Of course you could just regularly save drafts as you write the message 🙂

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