Aug 04 2007

Air Conditioning Allegedly On Its Way

Category: Personal,WeatherChrisM @ 11:17 am

If all goes to plan (never a safe assumption when Kazakh businesses are involved), we should finally be getting an air conditioner installed today, or at least have the process started. When it does happen, I will be very glad to have a slightly lower temperature inside the flat. Although it is not quite so hot outside any more, we still see temperatures of around 27° or 28° centigrade, and next year would have seen internal temperatures reach 31°C/32°C once more.
So, the workers are currently only a quarter of an hour late. Lets see if they turn up today…

Wow, I should post about things that I have no faith in more often… having just hit the publish button, they phoned us and confirmed they are on their way over now 🙂