Oct 12 2010

Aiming For Quadlingual?

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As regular readers/subscribers will know, this blog recently (finally) caught up with Anna’s photos and videos from our time back in Britain earlier this year. I think after another three or four posts, I’ll have cleared the backlog of all pictures taken during that time, not just Anna-based ones. From there, I can post the photos of Anna we have taken since April this year.
Anyway, just a quick explanation of why I’m holding a letter in this one… Despite Anna only just being over a year old at the time, the local authorities in Swansea had asked us to consider whether we wanted Anna to be educated in a Welsh-language or English-language school! To be honest, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind at that point, though with her now starting playgroup/nursery a few times a week over here, I suppose our minds are slowly beginning to consider such topics.

Decisions - Welsh Or English Language School?

Decisions - Welsh Or English Language School?

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