Nov 17 2007


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OK, so I missed Blog Action Day, however, their quiz is still up, and after catching up with Stargazer’s latest batch of posts, I came across the aforementioned ‘What Kind Of Blogger Are You?’ quiz. The result was as follows…

Image and section of site has been removed, sorry. Used to be found at

Whilst I do use this blog to create an income for myself here in Kazakhstan, it was originally setup purely to let friends and family back in Britain know what was going on, as I got bored of sending e-mails. Then I started to realise there was not really a lot of information on Kazakhstan itself in the blogosphere§ from a Westerners point of view. This side of the blog led to me making some friends, both here in Kazakhstan, and also from people e-mailing me, wanting to know more. I’ll not post too much info on the latest two, as I have yet to meet them in the real world, and don’t want to assume they are happy with being publicised, but one Aussie and a Brit have made in the last fortnight, both of whom will be moving to Astana soon.

Anyway, I’m happy with this site for now, and hope that my regular readers will continue to grace this blog with their presence. To the new readers, a big ?????? and I hope you find enough to keep you coming back for more. If you do not want to wade through all the pages in one go, feel free to simply click on a category (in the left hand column) that interests you the most.

§ Before anyone throws rotten fruit at me for using that term, I’ve just checked, and that is only the 3rd time the word has been used on this site in over a year 🙂

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