Aug 18 2007

Accountant To Tree Surgeon?

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 12:28 am

For anyone who has not checked Alex’s site recently, she has made a post regarding a possible career change…
She currently works in accountancy, which pays reasonably well, but does not really fire her up. Having thought for a long time, and actually spent a day helping out some friends already in the tree surgery business, it looks as though she is seriously considering swapping her career.
How about you? Have you ever changed from one job to a completely different one? How did you feel afterwards? Since secondary school, I have only ever really enjoyed jobs that involved technical support aspects – I enjoy working with computers, but prefer there to be an element of human interaction as well. Having worked as an engineer, roaming the country to fix, upgrade, and train merchants on how to use credit card terminals, I found the work interesting. That said, it does require a lot less effort to simply turn up at an office, stick on your headset, and answer the phone, helping people out when their PC will only do what they tell it, not what they actually want 🙂

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