Oct 15 2008

AA Enabled DVD Players

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:23 pm

At some point, I would like to find a good quality, but cheap, upscaling DVD player. With our 1080p screen, it sometimes seems a shame to not try and utilize the full resolution (upscaling players tend to give better results than relying on the TV’s scaler). Although the PC is already connected to one HDMI port (via a DVI<>HDMI lead), our TV luckily has two such sockets, so for now I won’t be needing an HDMI switch. Of course, if Hotbird ever carries a serious amount of HD channels, we may want to upgrade our satellite receiver, in which case it will be time to shop around.
(Yes I understand that upscaling may not be the same process as AA with graphics cards, but it was a shorter post title that way 🙂 )

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