Oct 14 2008

A Tip Of The Hat To Tip’d

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 5:46 pm

(NOT a sponsored post in any way – a friend helped to set up the site, so I’m happy to hand out a freebie 🙂 )

So what is Tip’d? From what I can tell so far, it appears to be a niche social bookmarking system. In the same way that Sphinn specialises in news for the SEO community, Tip’d (hmm, I want to put Tip’d’s, but that just looks wrong) main focus is on financial stories. Like other schemes, it is community led, meaning other users get to decide which submitted stories are worth reading, and therefore make it to the front page. Unlike some niche social bookmarking schemes, members are welcome to submit their own post/stories, though obviously spamming will lead deletions and/or bans.
In terms of being public, it is still early days, so if you want to check this out, and have a say in how the community evolves, head on over to tip’d today.