May 31 2012

A News Hope

Category: In The Media,VideosChrisM @ 8:15 pm

Rap News is back with a new video 🙂
Centred around Wikileaks, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, Bradley Manning and the labels of “good” and “evil”, and a little snippet regarding a sealed Grand Jury (USA) indictment stating that Assange is aiding and abetting the enemy that I want to check out later – I’ve somehow missed that in my online reading. Something else to look into is Wikileak’s “foundation stone” referred to by Gillard’s character. Any readers here able to help out? I’ll look it up later.

The line “giving me the power to make or crush political careers” seems pretty spot on, when you consider the kowtowing done by both sides of the political spectrum to the media barons in the last couple of decades.

“The truth is a virus and courage is contagious”. I wish life was that simple, and that this held to be true more often.

A little trivial criticism of the video is the mask they created for Rupert Murdoch’s character, possibly one of their weakest, unless he has jowl lines that split like that around the mouth area. I’d google image him to check, but don’t fancy looking at his face more than necessary!

Finally, did they autotune the (real) Wikileaks spokesperson, to blend him into the track a little better, or is his voice really like that? Not important, I realise, I’m just interested.

Anna is watching Horton Hears A Who! , the scene where the kangaroo raises a mob seemed apt at points!