Jun 09 2007

A More Balanced Ratio Over At BB

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:26 pm

Zak Lichman has now been joined by two other men in the Big Brother (UK) household. Seany O’Kane (nutty but seemingly likeable) and Gerry Stergiopoulos (snob and up himself) were both bought in after Emily was evicted after her use of the n-word.
So we now have 3 men and 10 women, and the group dynamics are bound to change.
Mr O’Kane is a Michael Jackson devotee, to the point of flying over to watch the star’s court case a couple of years ago. He summarizes himself as “big hair and big attitude”.
Toff Gerry is teetotal, a yoga fan and states a butler would be perfect for his lifestyle. The Greek man seems to be trying very hard to project a posh image, and quite possibly hopes this constructed character will mean he is left in the house, rather than evicted early, to provide a spark to ignite conversations.

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