Sep 08 2007

A Little Light Relief

Category: In The Media,KazakhstanChrisM @ 12:47 am

I recently came across a site that has a comic strip artist create a little picture every once in a while. Although some of them seemed to miss my humour somewhat, there were enough in there to hold my interest, and open up each in a new tab. The one currently on display refers to Alexandre Vinokourov, the somewhat disgraced Kazakh Astana cycling team member who was thrown out for blood doping issues. Anyway, once you have check the comic out, browse around the news stories in the region – I picked up a piece on our President again making mention of the planned switch over from Cyrillic to Latin script for the Kazakh written language.
For any over active PPP reviewers, this is a personal post. No money involved, nor was this post requested, just hope to help others interested in the country I live in – Kazakhstan. Thanks.

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