Jul 01 2011

A Few Weeks Of Normal Posting…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:19 pm

A few weeks of normal posting should resume from today and tomorrow. The reason for a lack of any real Kazakh news in recent months has been that I was waiting for my permission to reside and work in this country to be renewed. At the beginning of this process, they spend a couple of weeks investigating you (or at least saying they will), so I’ve been cautious and not posted anything too contentious. As it happens, there were a few news stories locally that were interesting during this time. Anyway, yesterday we picked up my new pink card (which is now credit card sized, meaning I can more easily carry it around with me) from the authorities. I hope to try and write a catch-up/summary post for local news, in case people haven’t been frequenting KZBlog or the other local English language bloggers’ sites.
Why are only a few weeks’ worth of “normal” posting predicted? In about a month’s time, Irina, Anna and I will be visiting Britain! Obviously a week before and after the actual journey writing posts might not be uppermost in my mind, so there may well be a temporary lull in activity again.