Jun 22 2014

The World Coup – THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26] Th…

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The World Coup – THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26] The World Coup – THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26]: buff.ly/V0RSBs

Tweet from June 22, 2014: The World Coup - THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26] The World Coup - THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26]: buff.ly/V0RSBs
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Oct 17 2012

Rap News 16: If you’re not interested specifically…

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Rap News 16: If you’re not interested specifically in the USA election (seriously? with the global imp… chrismerriman.com/?p=19813

Oct 17 2012

Rap News 16

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If you’re not interested specifically in the USA election (seriously? with the global impact the result could have??), please do consider checking Juice Media’s back catalogue of other videos, well worth spending a few minutes to catch up with.

Dec 01 2014

RT @JuiceRapNews: We’ve been trying to make this v…

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RT @JuiceRapNews: We’ve been trying to make this video ever since we started Rap News, but it took 5yrs to work out a way to do it: youtube.com/watch?v=W4nSjP…

Aug 31 2014

RT @JuiceRapNews: Our latest episode is here! RAP…

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RT @JuiceRapNews: Our latest episode is here! RAP NEWS 27: MSMBS World News HEADLIES: feat. #ISIS, #Gaza, #Ukraine, and more… youtube.com/watch?v=ZeFJkG…

Oct 20 2013

Ear Worm Getting Ready To Attach/Burrow…

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Following on in the vein of e-dubble, Game Theory, 360, Bassnectar’s remix of Ellie Goudling’s Lights, Gotye, Dubstep Snowman, Butch Clancy’s dubstep remix of Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks, Dub FX, pretty much anything by Rap News, the song Speakerbox – I Like That and video (Perfect Day), Ewan Dobson, United We Rise, Groovy Dancing Girl’s moves to Daft Punk and Greyson Chance’s rendition of Paparazzi, here we have this year’s current contender for “I like this, but could my brain please stop rendering it quite so often at random please?” award…

Craig Vapour’s own words regarding this track…

This song was written for my dear friends Dauren and Kuralay who got married in September 2013. (That’s them chatting in the middle of the track, too!)

Whilst drum & bass feature heavily in the sets I’ve had the pleasure to experience so far, Craig’s production of the track above will, I hope, encourage you to check out his other tracks at SoundCloud, no matter what your usual aural tastes might be.

I’m going to try and embed all the other videos I linked to because, a) I know most people will be too lazy to click the links and b) I’d really like to have them all in one post for when I want to play them. Which reminds me, I need some sort of unique phrase here that means I can search for, and find, this post easily in the future. Ah… apparently “ear worm” has not yet been used on this blog. That will do.

If you’re reading this on the front page of this site, click the link below to see the rest of this post (and therefore the actual videos)…

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Jun 16 2013

“Ignorance is a choice, in the age of the internet…

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“Ignorance is a choice, in the age of the internet” Rap News release a new video chrismerriman.com/?p=22875

Jun 16 2013

Ignorance Is A Choice

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“Ignorance is a choice, in the age of the internet”

“Some praise these acts as heroic, worthy of mimicking. Other condemn them as illegal and prohibited. But, can’t both be equally applicative?”

The choice of song is quite clever… Snow – Informer 🙂

Another Rap News video from almost three years ago…

Both videos have occasional NSFW language, though nothing truly shocking.

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may have noticed some posts and tweets have disappeared. They have been put back to draft status for a few weeks whilst I wait from some paperwork to be completed.

Sep 06 2012

Orwell Spinning In His Grave. Then Giving An Interview

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Juice Media has finally released another Rap News. This time the topic covered is government surveillance of citizens. Well worth a watch, even if you think my occasional drunken (and often presumed paranoid) monologue-like ramblings on the subject are far fetched :-p

Juice Rap News: Episode 15 – Big Brother is WWWatching You. September 2012 rocks around with some crucial developments in the ongoing struggle over the future of the internet. Will it remain the one open frequency where humanity can bypass filters and barriers; or become the greatest spying machine ever imagined? The future is being decided as we type. Across Oceania, States have been erecting and installing measures to legalise the watching, tracking and storage of data of party-members and proles alike. If they proceed, will this place ever be the same? Join our plucky host Robert Foster as he conducts an incisive analysis of the situation at hand. Joining him are newly appointed Thought Police General at the Pentopticon, Darth O’Brien Baxter, and a surprisingly lucid Terence Winston Moonseed. Once again, in the midst of this Grand Human Experiment, we are forced to ask tough questions about our future. Will it involve a free internet which will continue to revolutionise the way the world communicates with itself? Or is our picture of the future a Boot stamping on this Human InterFace forever?

Do click over to the video’s YouTube page to read more.

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