Nov 26 2007

7 Months 17 Days!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:18 am

Blog income this year – once I have earned another $1.40, this blog will have paid for the following items this year

    Return plane tickets to Amsterdam and Britain, back in September
    3 way split on the rent for an apartment in Amsterdam
    Spending money for the three week holiday in Amsterdam and Britain
    Irina’s new phone (well most of it 🙂 )
    A few meals out during the last 7 months
    Most of the cost for the plane tickets Ira and I bought for our trip to Britain this Xmas
    Irina’s Xmas pressie (a lovely little laptop. Am I stupid, or just assuming she doesn’t read this blog? Neither, I know she reads the blog, but she helped me to narrow down the selection. This will be a laptop for her to browse the internet whilst I’m hogging the current PC, and to do some office-type work on. Therefore, my normal criteria of how well it plays games and whether it has enough LEDs/transparent casing should not apply to her laptop 🙂 (I’m also hereby giving Ira written consent to whack me around the head (with something soft) should I start treating it as anything other than her PC…))

Anyway, despite Google’s decision to penalize myself and many other bloggers by wiping out their PageRank (I was expecting a rise to 5, from 4, instead of dropping to 0 with 3 drops in a month), I hope that this blog will help assist this household for the next few years, though I am obviously hoping to diversify the income sources as well.

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