Nov 29 2009

471 Away From My Entirely Arbitrary Target!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:04 am

If you check this site’s page at Alexa (see here), you’ll see that the blog is currently listed as the 100,470th most visited site in the world. Ever since I discovered the (admittedly flawed) ranking system, I have hoped to break into the top 100,000 sites. If I was (occasionally) writing about a less niche subject than Kazakhstan, or hadn’t recently devoted a lot of space to our beautiful baby daughter, it is possible I could have risen this high a lot sooner. However, I wanted to continue writing what was in my head, rather than second guessing what people might be searching for.
Anyway, it is entirely possible that I’ll end up (or rather down) around the two million mark again in the future, but getting this close has given me a milestone to tick off (mixed metaphors anyone?), and something to aim for with my other sites…