May 13 2008

4025 More In 9 Weeks 5 Days?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:05 am

It looks as though my (entirely arbitrary) target for 50,000 visitors in the first two years of this blog is still (just about) attainable. As this post’s title indicates, the blog has another 68 days in which to record another 4,025 visits. Going from the last six months monthly averages, this should not be too difficult, however some months have been a lot quieter than others; despite looking through both post content and frequency, some visitor patterns just seem to have little connection with what I write.
Anyway, to my regular readers, thank you (and an even bigger ta to those that bother to leave comments; it is good to know people are actually reading). To those that are new to this blog, thanks for dropping by, and please feel free to click on the category or tag links to the left, if you want to narrow down the posts displayed to subjects that particularly interest you.