Oct 30 2007

3rd Day Of Work

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 4:17 pm

As I previously mentioned, I now have a second job helping Kazakhs and Russians that want to improve their English through conversation with a bona fide UK citizen 🙂
I will try and keep the details anonymous, as I’m not sure that the people would want their names etc. publicly posted. Today was the first time I met my school girl pupil. And before anyone cracks any bad jokes, she is just 13, so nothing dodgy please… She is not as confident in speaking, and appears to have a smaller vocabulary than the other person, but she at least wants to learn. The man is a little more forthcoming when it comes to conversations, but as long as I have a structure in place for her lessons, I think it will go OK. If things progress well, I may have some more clients lined up, as their is a company close by that may want me to help their staff as well.
The time away from the flat has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, getting into the fresh air, and a brisk 40 minute walk each day is bound to be good for me, but I earn less there than I could at home writing commercial posts. Also, I am not really looking forward to the steps up to the building when the ice and snow kicks in – they are already quite slippery if it has rained, so I will need to remember to keep awake. Speaking of which, Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays I will need to be at the office by 11.15am, and Tuesdays an hour earlier, which means I have to go to bed a lot earlier. In isolation, this is obviously not a problem, but to get the best paying opportunities for this blog, I need to keep the same hours as Americans, which previously meant not heading to bed until 4 or 5am. Obviously staying up this late and then trying to get to the office would result in a zombie like Chris turning up, which would not look too good, nor really give my students a fair deal. We will have to see how it goes, however today I found out that rather than an 8.45am start, I can leave an hour later, as the girl was expecting a 10am start, not 9am as I was informed.

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