Mar 01 2013

360 Videos

Category: VideosChrisM @ 1:20 am

As a quick break from my random memories and witterings regarding Australia, I want to post a few music videos by 360. Although the look and tattoos may cause some people to assume his music will “just” be rap/hip hop and not hold much interest for them, do check these out when you get a moment. I came across him via Ellie Goulding’s music, and had hoped to catch him playing a gig in Sydney or Brisbane, but no one could find details of anything happening whilst I was in the country.
Anyway, those of you who know me on facebook will have seen some of these thumbnailed before, or possibly even played them. I’ll forgive you for not watching the same ones again, but to anyone else, check these out, please 🙂

360 – Child

360 – My Old School

360 feat. Gossling – Boys Like You

360 – Facebook Fiend

360 – The Ghost Inside

360 feat GMC – Shutterbug

Some of his tracks are perfect for the gym, others just for listening and thinking about the lyrics.
You can check his website out here, though it is either down right now or bizarrely blocked here in Kazakhstan. Anyway, if you sign up to his mailing list, you can access Please Be Seated and Please Be Seated 2, a couple of mixtape style albums.

Hmm, if it works, the following YouTube embed should play all of the tracks from Please Be Seated 2…