Dec 08 2009

3.0 To 7 In 17 Years!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:10 am

Having now seen Windows 7 working on a real PC in front of me, I can see why some people are looking at changing the OS on their laptops from Vista. Previously some people were downgrading (though the use of that term is debatable) to XP, just so they could avoid the supposed improved replacement that Vista was supposed to be. Now all I need to do is find a cheap source for Windows 7 here in Kazakhstan, that is legal, and of course English language. I’m happy to try and use Russian versions of operating systems and programs, but I really do prefer to get to know them with an English interface first 🙂
Where does the 3.0 reference come from? Simple, my first PC, back in around 1992, had Windows 3.0 on it. Compared to get dirty with DOS, it was clunky, slow and felt like all the nitty gritty had been filtered out. I occasionally still remember the long winded but versatile commands, and the endless tweaking of autoexec.bat and config.sys to try and squeeze an extra 3 or 4Kb of base memory for DOS games 🙂

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