Jul 31 2007

20hrs Of Slow Net Left

Category: Internet Connections,PersonalChrisM @ 4:51 am

So, it turns out our ADSL connection is not quite as unlimited as originally claimed. Once you have downloaded 3Gb in any given month, your speed is then restricted to 64Kbit downloads, and it looks like 32Kbit uploads. On the plus side, it turns out it does not cost anything extra to go up to a 1024Kbit connection, as opposed to our current 256Kbit one.
So, our internet will soon be 4 times faster for the first few days, then 4 times slower (or 16 if you go from 1024>64!) for the last 15Gb or so.
Originally I had thought that the slow connection was due to our modem or their servers playing up, so at least I know there are no issues; I just wish they had told us the full details of the deal before we signed up. However, compared to the months of dial up access to the internet, when we paid by the minute, things are now so much better, here in Kazakhstan 🙂

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