May 10 2007

2061: Odyssey Three

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2061: Odyssey Three – Arthur C. Clarke

After Jupiter’s conversion into a new sun, Europa starts to transform, but humankind were warned at the end of the last novel that ‘All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt No Landings There’. The USA, USSR and China are all now at peace with each other, leaving the threat of violence to inter-planetary relations.
Whilst all the events are occurring on Europa (and teraforming on Ganymede), a team of scientists, and celebrities (think of a high class line up from a Celebrity Big Brother but on a space ship) go up to to land on Halleys Comet. At least that is the original plan, but at least one passenger has an ulterior motive; and what is worse, they don’t intend to respect the warning given re. Europa!
Although this book is obviously part of the series, the style of writing seemed quite different; I was still glad I read it, but was surprised how the novel progressed.

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