May 17 2011

2010 Queen’s Birthday Party

Category: Friends,PicturesChrisM @ 5:07 pm

Temporarily away from Anna’s photos, it looks as though I only posted pictures and videos from my phone last year at the Queen’s Birthday Party. Last year was when I discovered that manhole covers in Astana aren’t necessarily actually stable. After a few drinks, walking home with Ira, I managed to half disappear down a maintenance shaft, removing a fair amount of skin but somehow not ripping my suit trousers!
Anyway, back to the event itself, it was well attended, and I believe the first to be hosted by our (then) new Ambassador, who delighted some in the crowd by re-instating a tradition that QBPs are not weighed down by long winded speeches, but instead the focus should be good music, food, drink and company, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. It looks as though I didn’t manage to grab any shots of John. Apologies.