Nov 30 2006

200th Post

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200 Down, Who Knows How Many More To Go?
OK, so I was too impatient to wait for the 200 post mark to pass naturally…
In case anyone is in any need of further proof that I didn’t just insult Mr Arafat’s widow in the e-mail below, check out THIS google search and spot the amazing similarity to other documented 419 scam letters, albeit with other front names attached…

And while I still have your attention, check out How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs (though, as the article freely admits, you could just press the Pi button on your calculator) & also the latest interesting declaration from our colleagues to the west – U.S. to North Korean leader: No iPods for you! (Link removed, article no longer present at CNN) Whilst I’m not known for blindly supporting any Bush strategy, at least this particular sanction isn’t likely to directly affect the daily life of your average North Korean.

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