Apr 17 2007

1st Book Review – Stardust

Category: BooksChrisM @ 2:31 pm

Neil Gaiman – Stardust
This is basically a fairy tale, written for adults. The main character (Dunstan) in the book starts a quest to catch a fallen star. A foolish endeavour, which becomes his life’s aim, to try and win the heart of a girl in his village. This village has a wall around it, and villagers are normally not allowed to roam beyond it. I can’t say much more about the book without spoiling the plot line for potential readers, but suffice to say that Dunstan isn’t the only person who seeks the star.
I hope I’ll get to read the earlier version of this book, that apparently had illustrations as well, but I’d still happily recommend it to any readers who enjoy this sort of tale. It certainly made a change from my normal SciFi/comedy type of books.