Jul 25 2007

1K Posts At ChrisMerriman.com

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On a slightly more positive note than the Kazakh cyclist from the Tour de France team, this is my 1000th post on this blog. I know, it it actually numbered 1304, but I guess there are 304 posts that never made it to being published for one reason or another.
The following screenshot was taken just before publishing this one thousandth post, I’ve removed the two e-mail addresses that were visible.

999 posts at ChrisMerriman.com

A little while ago was the one blog’s year anniversary, so it looks like I am averaging around 2.6 posts per day. As my alexa rank has stabilized just over the 300,000 mark, it would appear I am not losing readers either, so thank you to anyone and everyone who checks in here 🙂

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