Nov 10 2008

198 Hours To Go

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 3:18 am

Yes, just 11,800 minutes, (assuming I manage to publish this post within ten minutes of starting it, that is), until our plane is due to take off and fly the first leg of our trip back to Clydach. We are going via Kaliningrad because of KD Avia’s wonderful reputation for supreme meals, friendly staff and high efficiency they were close to 50% cheaper that the normal routes!

Kaliningrad KD Avia Russia Poland Belarus Lithuania

From there it is on to Gatwick, then John is scooping us up and driving us back to sunny Wales where we can relax, catch up with Mum and Lolik can meet her grandma for the first time 🙂
We’re hoping to go and see Dad and our friends in Gloucestershire sometime the next week, but no definite timetable just yet. As we will be away for six months, we have had to think a lot more about what to pack, and arrange for the kittens and flat to be looked after whilst we are away.
The fact that we will be returning with one extra person (unless the ultrasounds missed out on a twin 🙂 ), means that we need to try and leave space (and weight allowances) for all the related clothes, necessities and presents in the suitcases.

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