Jul 25 2007

17 Visits Away From 18000 !

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 7:16 pm

Well it seems to be the week for blogging milestones. We’ve already had one year of posting, 1000 posts made, now we are just 17 14 visits away from this blog having received 18,000 people!
Thank you to all the repeat visitors, especially for continuing to check in through some of the dry periods last year, post-wise. Also a big HELLO to any new readers who have only just recently discovered the site. To anyone who reads, but does not know how to leave a comment (don’t snigger, those of you who are experienced in such matters), the process is quite simple. All you need to do is either click on the post title, or where it states 0 comments. This will take you to the page set aside for an individual post, rather than the main page that displays all the recent posts. From here, simply enter in your details (your chosen name will be displayed, your e-mail address is never made public, and you only need to enter a website if you want to), leave your comment, then click on the Submit button.
If you have never left a comment before, I will be e-mailed, and need to approve it – this is part of the process that prevents spammers from leaving crap all over the site. Once you have one approved comment, your future ones will be automatically approved, though I obviously still check the content, so don’t abuse the system…