Jul 13 2007

Kazakhstan Shows Solidarity With British (Weather)

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The past couple of weeks have seen temperatures around 30-35 degrees, occasionally reaching for 40. I just spoke to Dad who said Britain has had pretty miserable weather, or Evesham specifically at the very least. This appeared to trigger a big rain storm back here in Astana 🙂 .
It was actually nice to feel a breeze, though without a sewer system, the rain has nowhere to go really.
See the pictures below for a little idea of how they cope with it.

From Sun To Rain Astana Kazakhstan 2007

After The Rain Astana Kazakhstan 2007
Basically a big tanker comes along and a couple of guys get out. One sweeps the water to the other, who sucks it up with a big hoover type attachment.
As I write this post another thunder storm has started, and the big puddles all over the road have returned. Sadly, not all the motorists respect the weather, and still speed along the 6 lane road as if nothing had changed. No crashes yet, luckily.

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