Feb 23 2008

118 Video

Category: In The Media,VideosChrisM @ 2:29 am

To my UK readers, this has nothing to do with pretend marathon runners with dodgy 70s moustaches…
I was watching one of the Swiss satellite TV channels, when a strange advert came on. It was a music video, with some a very distracting women, and some firefighters. All singing un un huit. Back in Britain, numbers starting 118 are the replacements for our old BT directory enquiry service; as it turns out, there was a connection.
Anyway, more on that later, for now, check this out…

As it turns out, since France followed the European trends to have 118 (or at least 118 xxx) as the directory enquiries number, the Swiss Fire Service has been receiving a lot of calls for people wanting phone numbers, rather than report a fire. So they made a video 🙂

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