Jul 24 2007

100 Dollar Laptop Starts Production

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 3:56 am

As you may remember from my earlier post on the $100 laptop, I find the both the hardware, and the events that have surrounded it all quite interesting.
Well, now the laptop is finally starting to be made, after a long, long wait, since its creation as a concept. If you check out the BBC article on it, you will see a lot more information has been revealed. For example, to keep costs down, there will be no hard drive, but 1Gb of (presumably flash) memory. The case is designed to withstand a hard life in the open, and the screen is designed with outdoor use in mind, as many locations may not have a school, or a roof for the pupils using them. Finally, as mains electricity is rare in many undeveloped areas of this world, the power can be fed by solar panels or produced by hand.
Anyway, I await to see if they manage to get the cost down to the projected 100 dollars…

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